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  • Puppy & Kitten Health Check in Farnham

Comprehensive Health Check Services for Your Puppy or Kitten at Cathcart and Winn Veterinary Practice

At Cathcart and Winn Veterinary Practice in Farnham, we are dedicated to providing the highest standard of care for your pets. Our comprehensive 30-minute health check services with our Registered Veterinary Nurses ensure that your pets are happy, healthy, and thriving. Here’s a detailed look at what we offer:

Comprehensive Health Check For Your Pet

cat dog sleeping on floorOur thorough health checks cover all the essential aspects of your pet's well-being:

  • Eyes: We examine your pet's eyes for any signs of disease or infection.
  • Ears: Regular ear checks help prevent and treat infections.
  • Mouth/Teeth: Dental hygiene is crucial. We discuss dental care and provide tips for maintaining your pet's oral health.
  • Lymph Nodes: Palpating lymph nodes to check for abnormalities.
  • Weigh and Body Score: We complete a puppy growth chart to track your pet’s development.
  • Hernia Check: Early detection of hernias can prevent complications.
  • Genitalia: Ensuring everything is normal to avoid future issues.
  • Nails/Paws: Proper paw and nail care to keep your pet comfortable.
  • Chest and Heart Auscultation: Listening to the heart and lungs for any abnormalities.

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puppy and catPet Health for Life

Our Pet Health for Life plan offers comprehensive coverage for all your pet's health needs:

  • Annual health check and vaccinations including kennel cough for dogs
  • All year-round flea, tick and worming treatment including lungworm in dogs and ear mites in cats
  • 2 x consultations with a Vet*
  • 2 x consultations with a Nurse*
  • 10% off neutering
  • Microchipping
  • Nail clipping** (as required, subject to availability)
  • Anal gland expression** (as required, subject to availability)

Introduction to Pet Health For Life: Discuss what the plan includes and its benefits.

Microchip Services

Microchipping is a crucial part of pet ownership:

  • Check and Record Chip Details: We ensure your pet's microchip information is up to date.
  • Legal Requirements: By June 2024, puppies must be chipped by 8 weeks and cats by 20 weeks. We help you stay compliant with the law.

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Nutrition Advice For Your Pet

Good nutrition is the foundation of your pet's health:

  • Diet Check: Assess your pet's current diet.
  • Life Stage Diet: Recommend complete and balanced diets suitable for different life stages.

Pet Vaccinations

Keeping your pet’s vaccinations up to date is essential for their health:

  • Check Vaccination Status: We review and update your pet's vaccination records.
  • Vaccination Coverage: We explain what each vaccine covers and its importance.
  • Dogs: DHP (Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus), Lepto (Leptospirosis), Kennel Cough
  • Cats: Leucofeligen (Calicivirus, Rhinotracheitis, Panleukopenia, Leukaemia), Feligen (Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, Panleukopenia)

Preventative Flea and Worming Treatment

Protect your pet from common parasites:

  • Status Check: We evaluate your pet’s current flea and worming protection.
  • Product Discussion: Recommend suitable products and explain what they cover.

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Neutering Your Pet

Neutering is an important decision for pet health and population control:

  • Timing and Benefits: We provide advice on the best timing for neutering and its benefits.
  • Neutering Advice Sheet: Detailed information to help you make an informed decision.

kitten with toyTraining and Socialisation

Proper training and socialisation are key to a well-behaved pet:

  • Toileting and Crate Training: Guidance on house training and crate training.
  • Socialisation: Tips on exposing your pet to different noises, other dogs, and humans.
  • Independence Training: Ensuring your pet can comfortably be left alone.
  • Feet and Mouth Training: Handling and examination training.
  • Puppy Classes: Group classes to help socialise and train your puppy.

Pet Insurance

Pet insurance can save you from unexpected veterinary costs:

  • Insurance Status: We check your current insurance coverage.
  • Policy Advice: Recommend a lifelong policy with suitable annual coverage.

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Puppy/Kitten Pack

Our starter packs ensure a great start for your new pet:

  • Hand Out Pack: Includes essential items and information.
  • Book Appointments: Schedule necessary vaccinations and treatments.

At Cathcart and Winn, we are committed to providing exceptional care for your pets. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or to learn more about our services. Your pet’s health and happiness are our top priorities.

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