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  • Cathcart & Winn Price List

Highest standards of veterinary care and quality of service

The practice takes pride in providing the highest standards of veterinary care and quality of service. After stringent assessment we have been awarded the tier 3 veterinary hospital status, which is the highest level and very difficult to achieve.

We have a Cathcart & Winn VIP Club that allows you to spread the cost of caring for your pet throughout the year and save money. It covers your pet for all of their basic health care needs, including vaccinations, preventative treatments and expert advice, giving you complete peace of mind. You will also qualify for discounts on other items and services in the practice.

We also have visiting Orthopaedic and Ophthalmology specialists that come to the practice regularly.

Vets Now are on the premises 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for pet owners in an emergency when other vets are closed.



Consultation (dog, cat, rabbit) £46
Consultation Follow-up £36
Consultation (small furry) £33.22
Kim Ophthalmology Consultation £156
Miranda Orthopaedic Consultation £159.75
Nurse nail clip, cat & dog £16.49 / £9.27 (smal furry rabbit) 
Nurse express anal glands £15
Visit - house call by vet < 5 miles £98.95 + cons fee = £144.95
Visit - house call by vet > 5 miles £137 + cons fee = £183


cathcart and winn price list



Primary Course         £70
Annual Booster £58
Kennel Cough £40
Rabies £75


Primary Course         £70
Annual Booster £58


Myxomatosis and RHD                   £59.82
Filavac VHD £25.46

Routine Procedures

Microchipping £20


Cat £67
Dog <20kg £205.30
Dog 20-40kg £230.49
Dog >40kg £248.86
Rabbit £103.30 / £113.63 over 4kg


Cat - Flank / Midline £85/£106.05
Dog <20kg £226.60
Dog 20-40kg £278.55
Dog >40kg £300
Rabbit £139.04 under 4kg / £160 over 4kg

Written prescriptions are priced at £16


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