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We have 2 operating theatres which are dedicated to surgery.  This means that a sterile environment is always available for urgent cases as well as our scheduled work.

To keep the environment sterile, pets are cleaned and prepared before moving into theatre and we adhere to a strict protocol to maintain a sterile environment. 

By working to a high level of sterility we minimise the use of antibiotics and greatly reduce the chance of post-operative complications. We would not expect routine neutering and lump removal cases to receive antibiotics, which is better for them and in the long term the human population.

operating theatreWhen administering anaesthetics we place a catheter into the vein so that we have immediate access to the vein in case of any complications.  Anaesthetised patients are monitored by our nursing staff throughout the induction, operating and recovery phases of the procedure. We also have sophisticated monitoring equipment to provide further information as to patient wellbeing during the anaesthetic.

With the use of suitable premedication and short acting anaesthetics our patients generally recover smoothly and quickly from anaesthetics. Most routine surgical cases go home the same day.

Small furry pets are more inclined to have post-operative complications, particularly with bowel function; and we have greatly reduced this by keeping these patients in overnight after the operation. This provides a warm environment, and allows post op medication to aid return of gut function and hand feeding as necessary.

It is not necessary to starve these pets prior to surgery as their digestive tracts rely on a steady throughput of food.

Some patients need to be ventilated during anaesthesia and we provide a positive pressure ventilator to supply controlled measured ventilation when necessary.

Following anaesthesia the patients are individually monitored in their own space so that their recovery is not disturbed.

We perform routine and emergency surgeries Monday through to Friday and emergency surgery only at weekends.

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