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  • Dog-Friendly Clinic

At Cathcart & Winn Veterinary Clinic & Hospital, we’re proud to be a dog-friendly accredited practice

dog friendly clinic in farnham at cathcart and winn vets

By joining the Dog-Friendly Clinic Scheme, we have pledged to reduce canine stress within the veterinary clinic. We also understand that canine welfare is important outside the clinic so we can guide our clients on giving their dogs the best care at home.

In order to achieve our dog-friendly accreditation, we have had to meet carefully selected criteria as stipulated by Dogs Trust and the British Veterinary Behaviour Association. We have demonstrated that we:

  • Understand the body language of dogs
  • Can prepare for your dog's veterinary clinic visit, including travelling and what to bring
  • Can give behaviour tips for the veterinary clinic visit, such as helping your dog stay calm in the waiting area and consultation room, and being less stressed and staying still during examinations and procedures
  • Can advise how to find training and behavioural support
  • Can teach puppies to be comfortable at the vet

 (source – https://www.dogstrust.org.uk/how-we-help/professionals/vet-clinics)

dog waiting area at cathcart and winn vets in farnham 3 dog waiting area at cathcart and winn vets in farnham 2

Dog-Friendly Clinic in Farnham

dog waiting area at cathcart and winn vets in farnham

Our dog-friendly facilities include:

  • A separate dog waiting area. There is also the option to wait in the car/outside, which will be away from areas where other animals may be waiting.
  • A well-equipped consulting room suitable for dogs to feel calm in
  • A range of treats and training resources to encourage positive reinforcement so that the dog’s experience will be pleasant and rewarding.
  • A separate hospitalisation ward for dogs, and kennelling is species-specific, picked on an individual basis, alongside a hospitalisation plan catered for the individual patient needs and desires
  • A range of client resources and training support can be offered

If you have any questions regarding the facilities and care we provide for your dogs, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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