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The initial examination and health assessment of your pet is carried out in these rooms. We believe in taking full note of your observations and impressions as no-one knows your pet better than you. We will first of all take a history and details of your concerns, and then perform a clinical examination. Following this we will give you our opinion and, where appropriate, offer further tests and medications.

consulting roomBehind each consulting room is the pharmacy. This provides a secure and safe store for veterinary medicines, so that they may be dispensed as required following consultations; or when you collect your pet after an operation.

A consultation room is set aside for our nurses to use for their appointments. These cover the full range of pet health care advice and performing such procedures as injecting microchips, nail clipping, suture removal, dressing changes, and anything you would like any advice on.

The nurses run free clinics to help keep your pet in top condition, and in particular supervision of weight reduction programmes. The nurses all thoroughly enjoy this work and the opportunity to meet you and make a fuss of your pet.

We also have a visiting eye specialist, Kim Jorgensen, once a month for referral appointments.

We have a separate waiting area for dogs and cats/rabbits, etc.

Unable to come to the practice?

If you’re unable to visit us in practice, we may be able to help remotely. We can offer a consultation by telephone and video. Your appointment will be with one of our highly qualified vets who will give you the same time and level of detail as you would expect in practice. In many cases we can make a diagnosis and prescribe medication if necessary. If we’re unable to reach a satisfactory conclusion by telephone and video then we may need to physically see your pet; either as an emergency or at a follow up appointment which we can book for you there and then.

Our facilities also include:
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