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We have our own in house laboratory which allows us to carry out routine & urgent biochemistry, haematology, microscopy and urine examination.

These in house results are available very speedily.

laboratoryOur laboratory allows results to be obtained for urgent conditions and emergency cases 24 hours a day.

We are also able to do serial blood testing and monitoring throughout the night when necessary.

Some tests require more specialist equipment or interpretation by a specialist and for these we submit samples to appropriate external laboratories.

We encourage clients whose pets have had lumps removed to send these for histology as a lot of useful information can be obtained regarding the nature of the mass and what the future might hold, as well as treatment considerations.

We also offer blood analysis to check for early signs of ill health as patients get older, to check patient's suitability for certain medications and to monitor the response to treatment.

Prior to anaesthesia, blood testing is recommended to test the patient's suitability for the procedure, in particular the presence of liver or kidney disease, diabetes, thyroid disease or anaemia. These blood tests are recommended and considered particularly relevant for older patients, over 8 years.

Our facilities also include:
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