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  • Veterinary Nurse Clinics

At Cathcart and Winn Vets our nursing team provides a range of services to complement our vet team in providing the best possible advice, treatment and care for your pet.

Our veterinary nursing team provides the following two main types of service – consultations and clinics:


  • Repeat medications
  • Nail clippings
  • Anal gland expression
  • Microchipping
  • Repeat dressing changes
  • Admits and discharges.


  • Weight management
  • Senior health
  • Dental


Please note that some services incur charges and certain services may only be offered after a consultation with a vet, or at certain branches due to space and facilities.

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Our experienced and friendly vet nurses are here to provide the best care for your pet with nurse clinic appointments.

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We are proud to provide our clients high standard of veterinary care and quality of service, with our dedicated nurses offering the best care for your pet’s general health and wellbeing. From maintaining their nails and fur to ensuring that your pet has the best protection when it comes to flea, worms, ticks and vaccinations. We also offer health checks for pets of any age, as well as weight management, behavior checks and so much more!

Nurse clinics are great for 

  • checking your pet is in good health
  • nail clipping and de-matting your pet
  • general health checks for new kittens and puppies
  • medicine administration
  • and so much more!

Nurse clinic consultations are available by appointment online or call us on 01252 721191. See our below for the services you can book for your pet.

Post operative checks

If your pet has had surgery with us recently, we recommend you book them to see the nurse for a post-surgery check up. The nurse will check the surgery sites, to make sure it is healing well.

Nail clips - £20.90

We understand that clipping your pet’s nails can be a daunting task, therefore, we provide nail clipping service in our nurse clinic consultations to keep your pet’s nails healthy and trimmed. If you feel your pet may benefit from extra reassurance throughout this service, please let a member of the team know when booking, and we will make sure adequate time is set aside.

De-matting – Charges vary depending on the level of matting

De-matting hair on your dog, cat or rabbit can be uncomfortable and unpleasant, as well as being a challenging task to do at home. One of our trained nurses take care of your pet’s matted fur as they have the best equipment.

Medicine administrations – £19.08

The nursing team at Cathcart & Winn Veterinary Clinic is experienced in administrating medicine for pets, which can be a struggle for some pet owners to do themselves. Book an appointment with one of our nurses that can take care of administering a range of treatments such as eye and ear drops, flea and worm treatment and much more.

General health check and dental check - £31.80

Our nurses offer a general health check for your pet, to see if your pet is healthy. Our check-ups can help identify if your pet needs further attention and if they do, they will be booked in to see a veterinary surgeon for further investigation or diagnosis.

Blood pressure checks - £29

If you are worried about your pet’s blood pressure, our team of nurses can take your pet’s blood pressure to examine how they are doing.

Blood sampling – Charges vary depending on the test requested

We offer blood sampling for your pet at our nurse clinic to check your pet’s blood for any health issues or concerns.

Anal gland expression - £17.40

If you are worried that your dog or cat’s anal glands/ducts are swollen, our nurses provide the service of anal gland emptying for your pet.

Microchipping - £26.50

Microchipping your pet is an important procedure and for dogs, it is now a legal requirement. Contact us about microchipping your pet at our nurse clinic.

Weight clinics & Senior Wellness Clinics - £127.20

Are you worried about your pet’s weight? Talk to our friendly and caring nursing team about weight management for your pet to ensure that they are on the best course of action when it comes to their diet.

Senior Pet Clinic - £26.50

We are here for you and your pet for all stages of their life. We provide senior pet clinic appointments for older pets to examine their general health and wellbeing and to support them in their later stages of life.

New Puppy and Kitten Clinic - £39.75

Getting a new puppy or kitten is an exciting time in your life. Our nurses can offer practical advice and useful tips for your new arrival.

Dental check ups - £31.80

Keeping your pet’s teeth healthy is essential. Our team of nurses offer dental check-ups to make sure their purley whites are in good working order.

Please note, our nurses are unable to diagnose so in the case of an ill or injured animal, you must make an appointment with a Veterinary Surgeon.

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