We will be closed on bank holiday Monday but available for emergency ooh care. Please click here to view the latest information on how to access our services.

Most patients receiving surgery or diagnostic tests go home the same day. We ask clients to bring their pets in between 8-9am for admission (starved from 8pm the night before) and aim to have pets ready for collection late afternoon the same day.

Small furry pets can be fed up to the time of their admission and are routinely kept in the 1st night after the operation.

If it necessary for your pet to stay in with us we will keep you thoroughly informed as to his or her progress and of our thoughts and proposed treatment plan.

Inpatients are given clinical assessments at least each morning and each afternoon.  The nursing team will spend time with your pets, showing them affection, petting them and providing TLC: hand feeding cats and dogs as necessary.  One of our nursing staff has responsibility for monitoring the inpatients to note any changes in their clinical signs, or comfort.

In order for their stay to be as comfortable as possible, the kennels are air conditioned and dogs and cats are kept in separate wards.

To provide 24 hour on-site veterinary care and facilities we use a third party, Vetsnow.

Vetsnow staff the premises outside our normal working hours so that emergency and urgent cases can always be seen at this practice as the situation arises.  Vetsnow also feed, water, medicate and exercise our in patients, outside our normal hours.

If we have in patients who need more intensive treatment or monitoring, Vetsnow are available to provide this service.

Vetsnow offer the following benefits to our clients:

  • Staff dedicated to the provision of out of hours care.
  • Staff available for urgent and emergency cases, whatever the time.
  • 24 hour monitoring of those inpatients requiring it.
  • Allows pain relief and medication to be given out of hours.
  • Ensures that inpatients are kept clean and comfortable.
  • Dogs are walked in the garden late in the evening.

Our facilities also include:
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