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  • Senior Cat Health Checks

Cats are very good at masking discomfort and illness, meaning it’s not always obvious that they may be under the weather. With our senior cat wellness checks, we can help detect a condition before a cat presents symptoms, giving us more time to manage the right treatment for them.  

To keep our cats feline fine, we have a team of veterinary nurses here at Cathcart and Winn running wellness checks for senior felines (aged 7 years or older) showing no signs of ill health. 

For £99 your cat’s wellness check will include a health check, body scoring, older cat blood profiling including thyroid, blood pressure and urine testing  .

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We advise booking these in for the nurse to admit the patient to carry out these testing in a stress-free way as possible. 

Multiple BP readings can then be taken in cases where stress is causing elevation. Any abnormal results will then require a vet consultation.

Regularly monitoring your older cat’s health makes it easier for your team, here at Cathcart & Winn, to detect minor changes that may signal the onset of age-related disease or a deterioration of an existing condition.

Keep your senior cat ‘feline’ fine and book one of our wellness checks today!

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