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  • Parasite control

It is very important to use safe and effective products which give full protection against the wide range of parasites.
For clients taking their pets abroad the choice must be compatible with the PETS passport scheme.
Please consult us so that we may tailor our recommendation to your pet's needs.

Parasites include:

  • Lung worm: a very significant life threatening risk to your dog. We strongly recommend monthly treatment with advocate to protect against this and the majority of other parasites.
  • Roundworm: which can be passed from animals to humans and cause blindness.
  • Fleas: can set up an infestation at home and cause serious skin disease on your pet.
  • Ticks: these are a problem here and a more serious one in mainland Europe, where they transmit a number of diseases.

Other parasites include skin and ear mites, tapeworm and other worms.

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