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  • Cathcart and Winn’s Puppy Party


As soon as a puppy comes home, puppy training can start immediately. Everyone wants a dog that will come when called, sit, lie down and walk nicely on the lead but there is a lot more everyday training which also needs to be done in these early stages to enable your puppy to become a well-adjusted member of society.

From day 1 the puppy needs to be taught how to integrate into its new household. For example:

  • where it is allowed to go
  • whether it is allowed on furniture
  • where it should go to the toilet
  • where it can sleep or rest undisturbed
  • how it should greet visitors
  • that it is ok to be left alone for short periods

The puppy also needs to have positive introductions with everything it may have to come across in its lifetime such as:

  • people of all ages including children
  • other friendly dogs
  • different types of places
  • traffic
  • travelling in your car
  • household appliances

It is also important to teach the puppy to accept and even enjoy being handled all over its body so that every member of the household can easily handle the puppy and, in the event of illness, the puppy is happy to be handled by a vet.

The puppy can also be taught to settle and be calm in either the Stand or Down positions as this is useful in everyday life and helps the puppy to develop its own self control. The puppy can also be taught self-control around food so it does not steal or try to snatch food and can happily control itself when other dogs are being fed nearby.

All of the above are covered at Cathcart and Winn’s Puppy Party sessions. Each session covers the following:

  • short socialisation plays with the other puppies supervised by the trainer to ensure all puppies have a very positive experience
  • start of basic puppy training using positive reinforcement techniques for:
    - focus on the owner
    - sits and downs
    - puppy recalls
    - loose lead walking
  • fun self-control exercises for the puppies
  • puppy handling exercises to prepare puppies for grooming and vet inspections
  • general discussions on topics such as household integration, socialisation and walking the puppy when it has finished its vaccinations
  • chance to ask our experienced trainer any questions about the care, behaviour and training of your puppy


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