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  • Pet Passports Information from Cathcart & Winn in Farnham

We have several Official Veterinarians working at the practice who are authorised to provide Pet Passports. This document allows you to take a dog, cat or ferret to Europe.

Pets must have a microchip inserted which we can do if it has not already been done. A single rabies vaccination is required which must be done at least 21days before you wish to travel. Currently these are the only requirements for leaving the UK.

Before you come back to the UK, your pet must see a vet for a worming treatment. This must be done exactly between 24-120 hours before you re-enter the UK and the passport will be stamped at the time. It is worth repeating the worming treatment a month after your return to the UK to ensure any worms are killed that may have been picked up after the worming treatment was given abroad.

These requirements may change in October due to Brexit. If you are planning on travelling after October we recommend considering having a blood test done to prove the rabies vaccine has worked. This can be done 30 days or longer after the rabies vaccination was given but the longer time that elapses the more risk of failure of the blood test. It is likely this will become a requirement and three months must pass between the date of the blood test and being able to travel so it is important to organise this in advance.

One of our Official Veterinarians will be happy to discuss the options with you.

Another thing to consider when travelling to Europe is prevention of various other diseases that don’t exist in this country such as Leishmaniasis carried by sandflies or the tick borne diseases such as Babesia and Ehrlichia. Various prevention strategies are available which we can discuss with you at the time of the appointment to issue the passport. Remember to check your pet daily for ticks while abroad and remove any found using a tick hook.

Try and avoid walking your pet at times when sandflies and mosquitoes are at their highest (dawn/dusk).

Whenever you are travelling abroad it is worth checking with us before you go in case any requirements have changed and for advice on preventative health. It is worth researching local vets in the area you are travelling to in case your pet falls ill while you are away.

If your pet falls ill after you return to the UK please remember to mention that they have travelled abroad, even if it was years previous as some diseases can take a long time to emerge.

We are authorised to provide Pet passports. The procedure consists of inserting a microchip and then a rabies vaccination. The pet cannot travel on the passport for another 21 days.

For up to date information please contact our Veterinary Hospital on 01252 721191 or visit this website for more information

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