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  • Behavioural Problems
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We are very aware of the stress caused by behavioural problems and how much this can detract from the enjoyment of your pet.

Problems include difficulties with training, soiling indoors, phobias and aggression.

In the majority of cases the problem can be resolved or at least controlled.

As a general rule it is good to handle pets a lot when they are young so that kittens, puppies, rabbits and guinea pigs become used to handling.

While they are young it is good to include handling of the ears, feet, and looking into the mouth as part of a regular routine. This can then be continued and makes future examining or administering medicines much easier if and when they should be required.

Always praise and reward for good behaviour.

Puppy Parties are a very useful start in the training process.

Contact us to make an appointment to discuss behavioural cases. There is a fee for these consultations.

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