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As a new puppy or dog owner, you will be aware of the responsibilities that come with dog owning and caring for your dog. However, you will also benefit from the incredibly rewarding and pleasurable experience of dog ownership.

When choosing a new puppy we would advise visiting the breeder’s home and meeting with the mother (and preferably also the father) of the litter. Puppies who come from busy, family homes are often better socialised and more confident as adults. It is best to choose a bright and active puppy that appears healthy and has no signs of parasites.

When your new puppy leaves the breeder he or she should be at least eight weeks of age, had their first vaccinations and have been microchipped.

You can book a new puppy check with our nursing team.

In time, with the correct training and care, your puppy or dog will hopefully become a well-adjusted adult who is a pleasure to own and a credit to you and the dog society at large.

This is where we can help offering advice before bringing your new puppy or dog home.

Preparation Is key when bring a new puppy home, ideally the puppy will have a piece of bedding that the mother has slept on, this will give your puppy some comfort in its new home. There is lots of settling in advice we can give you, make an appointment with one of our nurses this service is free of charge.


Kittens should not leave their mother until they are at least eight weeks old or longer is preferable 12-13 weeks is best. “Those extra few weeks lets your kitten learn lots of important new skills by watching its mother,” “These include eating independently and using a litter tray.

It is advised before introducing a kitten to their new environment to check for any potential hazards, make sure that all the windows and doors to the outside are closed, and that any nooks and crannies are blocked off. Kittens are extremely inquisitive and can easily find themselves lost or stuck in the most unlikely places.

Kittens are naturally hygienic and will prefer to have their litter away from their food and water bowls. When you’re a tiny little kitten the world can be an enormous place so to help them get familiar with where they feed, drink, sleep and where they go to the loo, it’s a really good idea to start them off in just one room.

We recommend that kittens are kept indoors until they are neutered and microchipped.

You can book a new kitten check with our nurses this will be a free of charge consult.

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