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  • Physiotherapy for your dog | Physiotherapy for your pet

What is physiotherapy?

“The goal of rehabilitation is to restore a patient’s maximum functional capacity, as permitted by the integrity and performance of tissues and structures”.

The overall aim of rehabilitation is to decrease pain, to facilitate tissue healing, to restore muscle strength, endurance and proprioception, to prevent further injury, and to return a pet to its former level of activity and fitness.

Rehabilitation is often used as part of the aftercare for orthopaedic and neurological surgery cases, but can also be for treatment and management of injuries, both of bony or soft tissue origin.

How can physiotherapy help my pet?

After a full assessment, a bespoke programme is designed for individual pets taking into consideration goals set for progression for that individual. This will then be reviewed at regular intervals and adapted where necessary to ensure that the goals are being met. Treatments will vary from pet to pet, this can consist of manual techniques, therapeutic methods and a home exercise programme. We work alongside the veterinary surgeon incorporating a range of multimodal treatment options that include medical management, hydrotherapy and laser therapy.

If necessary, we may give dietary and nutritional advice also. Different modalities may be used during different stages of the recovery process, which will be based on the individual pet’s condition, progress and aims.

Manual therapies may include massage techniques, joint mobilisations, passive range of motion exercises, trigger point release. Therapeutic modalities include Laser treatment, TENS/NMES treatment, cryotherapy, Therapeutic Ultrasound treatment and Hydrotherapy.

What can we treat with physiotherapy?

There are many conditions that would benefit from physiotherapy. Some of these include:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Hip and elbow dysplasia
  • Cruciate disease
  • Post-surgical orthopaedic rehabilitation

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