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  • Sophie Irwin RVN
Sophie Irwin RVN

Registered Veterinary Nurse

Qualifications: Nursing Diploma

Year of Qualification: 2018

Interests at work: I am interested in Canine arthritis management clinics. I have a keen interest in physiotherapy and rehabilitation. I am currently doing a Foundation Diploma in Canine rehabilitation exercise. I enjoy all aspects of nursing but particularly enjoy looking after inpatients.

Interests outside of work: Horse riding is my main hobby outside of work, with an interest in dressage and western. I also enjoy travelling and experiencing different cultures. I also have a keen interest in fish keeping.

Pets: I have 1 horse (Music) and many fish (guppies and otocinclus), my parents have 2 dogs (Labrador - Finn, and a GSD - Blue) and a horse (Bob)

Family: I currently live with my boyfriend James.

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